Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My daughter received fish and a fish tank from her grandparents for her birthday. {Sigh}

These little fish have died and been replaced a plethora of times. Just last week my husband made the what seems like weekly run to the pet store to replenish our tank. I was exhausted from a busy week and adored the fact that I didn't have to go and carry that bag full of water, feeling the little creatures dart to and fro against my hand.

It seems that one detail was missed in the fish buying transaction and we somehow had a coed swim party going on in the tank. Of course, we didn't discover this until an hour after my husband left for a week long business trip.

My daughter witnessed a live fish birth and shortly after she witnessed it's fate in the large tank. This prompted crying and begging for me to save the other babies. I, of course, spent the rest of the night as a mid wife to one very pregnant fish.

Oh the things we do for our kids. I sure hope she remembers this when she's sixteen.
 (It's hard to photograph those little things! Excuse the iphone quality.)


  1. Jessica, I'm so glad your back at blogging! Although the 'blog world' can't replace real face time, it's the best we can do for now and I'm glad I can know what is going on with the lovely Cravens :)!

  2. You are so amazing Jessica! I love reading your posts!