Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peek into our homeschooling...

I've been wanting to post about what our homeschool days look like so I can have a record for future use and to remember and cherish these days. When we adopted our daughter, she was to start kindergarten just a few months later. I knew that I wasn't ready to let her go yet and we needed some bonding time. Homeschooling seemed like a natural fit since I taught PreK- 2nd for several years.

This year for first grade we tried a classical university model school and we loved it. I became even more convinced that we made the right decision two years ago to educate classically rather than literature based or unit based. After about a month at the school we found that Angie needed to be at home and work at her own speed. We're so thankful that things have worked out like they did. We are taking it year by year.

Here's our current curriculum:

Classical Conversations- We attend every Friday and work on memorization throughout the week. Examples of our memorization is skip counting, history pegs, science facts, Biblical timeline, *Latin, grammar and geography. Oh and art and music! :)

Bible- Christian Liberty Press Studying God's Word Book B ( This is learning the catechism and Biblical truths)

Math- Saxon 1 (We love Saxon and our daughter is flying through this! I have already ordered Saxon 2)

Phonics- Explode the Code (Loving it!)

Grammar- First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind

Narration and Copy Work- Writing with Ease Workbook 1

Reading- Christian Liberty Press Phonics readers

Science Support- Answers in Genesis, The Human Body (It follows along well with CC)

Handwriting- Memoria Press Cursive

So far we have completed The Box Car Children and Heidi for our read alouds.
Most days we focus mainly on Math, Reading, Phonics and Memorization work. The other subjects fill in the days as time allows.

*Latin is always a key element in classical education. We are in the grammar stage and children in this stage can soak up raw facts and languages like crazy. We pray God would use the learning of Latin to be a springboard for other languages later on to help the spread of the gospel and allow further study of great works in the logic stage.

By no means do I have all this figured out, but I have been BLOWN AWAY by what our little girl can learn and retain. We are excited that she is being filled with wisdom from a Christian worldview so she can rightly engage our culture as she grows up.

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  1. I've heard really good things about Explode the Code and plan on looking into it for next year. Sounds like homeschooling is absolutely the right fit for your family!