Monday, November 28, 2011

Adoption Sigh of Relief

If you have completed an adoption or helped support someone through an adoption you know just how taxing the process can be. There are many hoops to jump through and hurdles to cross. Paperwork can swallow you hole if you're not careful.

We are excited to say that we are DONE! That's right, the list has been checked and the paperwork is all submitted. It feels so freeing to take our agency checklist and check all the boxes.

We have been told we should be licensed today and could have kids any day after today; although we feel it will be the first of the year. Pray for us as we have two little boys identified already that we are praying about pursuing. Pray that the Lord will show us just the right kiddos he has for us. It's hard to say no when the agency calls with precious children that need a home. We know God is sovereign and has people waiting to love those that aren't for us.

Meanwhile, my nesting is kicking in and I feel like organizing a few closets or something.

Exciting times around our home. Hope to have some more adoption posts soon!

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