Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get Out and ENJOY your Family

It took a long time for fall to get to where I live. The summer months were holding on for so long, cooping us up in the house or only places where there was good air conditioning. The cooler, crisp air is just begging for us to get out and enjoy it. Our family has found some activities that are budget friendly and family building.

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Camping- Nothing better than the great outdoors all night long. We have recently packed up and camped overnight, cooking outside, roasting marshmallows and all.

Star gazing- A late night lying on the trampoline all bundled up helped us recognize God's marvelously created heavens.

Geo Caching- Oh my...our new love! Using our smart phone, we found coordinates in a nearby park and spent the afternoon searching for the treasure. Our little girl was so excited to sign the log book and take a small trinket.

Charades- A friend gave us a child-friendly charade game a year ago and we love sitting on the back porch taking turns acting out things like playing a guitar, buttoning a shirt and other silly things.

Getting to know the neighborhood- We have found that neighbors have been more apt to linger and talk in this cooler weather. We've taken the opportunity to offer baked goods and ask spiritual questions while our kiddo runs and plays.

What are some budget friendly, family building activities do you and your family do?

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  1. I love your fall ideas! Fall is such a beautiful time of year... enjoy every minute!

  2. What great ideas... I love how you are finding fun things to do TOGETHER as a family!