Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homeschool Reset Button

We all have those days where the math fact sheet is taking way longer than usual to complete. The normally fun spelling game is not catching their attention and your enthusiasm is at an all time low.

In our home, if you fast forward this scene, you would probably see the scenario ending with frustrated crying from both student and teacher.

Let's face it, some days the school mojo isn't flowing. We sometimes bring what just happened in the kitchen into the school room and it isn't helping our teacher/student relationship.

Instead of forging ahead and forcing something that just isn't happening, why not hit reset?

~ Leave the school books behind and take a walk together. Fresh air always helps.

~ Do some exercises and breathing techniques to calm and get some blood flowing to the brain.

~ Stop everything and read a book to your child. Children really feel special when they are read to.

~ Switch up the order of your school day. Who says math always has to come first?

~ Have a "do-over" day. Enter the school room all over again saying surprised hellos. This usually brings a giggle.

~ Assign a reflection activity like journaling or drawing. It can quieten the mood.

~ Pray! I've heard a million times, you can't stay mad at someone you are praying for.

What are some strategies that help you when you need to lighten the mood in the school room?

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  1. Good ideas! I often tried switching the teaching method -- using manipulatives, cutting and gluing, taking the idea to the kitchen and putting it to use to make something yummy, going shopping to illustrate the math idea.

  2. Great ideas, def. filing this way for when we start homeschooling next fall!