Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Opening and Closing Doors

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The past few weeks have been a little up and down for our family. We have seen photos of precious children waiting in our state for a forever family. It's overwhelming to see the amount of children that need homes. There have been times our heartstrings have been pulled and we have pursued these children.  ~DOOR OPENS~

Not long after that, our agency had a fruit basket turnover and the continuation of what we had started seemed to cease. There was restructuring in the office and we were shuffled around in the mix. Our name was no longer known and our profile was lost. ~DOOR CLOSES~

We became hopeful when our friends brought home a beautiful little boy from a private agency much like our daughter was adopted from. It would be a financial leap for us and use most of our emergency fund that Dave Ramsey helped convince us to have. We were willing because afterall, most of it would come back on our taxes next year. ~DOOR OPENS~

We printed off forms full speed ahead until we read the tax law changes and saw where that money is no longer refundable. ~DOOR CLOSES~

Just yesterday I contacted a representative with the Child and Family services in our state. She deals with straight adoption cases rather than just fostering. We are inquiring if there is expedited options for military or if we can work with a state that does expedite military cases. Within just a few minutes, I had a return email from this very busy lady. We are expecting a phone call any moment today to discuss how we can bring children into our family while living this crazy military life. ~DOOR OPENING?~

Adoption always seems to have ups and downs or rather the opening and closing of doors. It plays on the emotions and creates heartache at times. My hope is solely in clinging to a Sovereign God who before the foundation of the world, set all things in order. He's using my Good Morning Girls study to remind me of just how much he is in control. He has ordained for this season and the body that is surrounding me at this time to bring comfort. 

Would you pray for us that we would see Him more clearly in the open and closed doors?


  1. We are praying for your family as the Lord is working through the opening and closing of doors. May he give you hope, joy, peace, and wisdom during this time.

    It was wonderful seeing you a few weeks ago, catching up and getting to meet your daughter! Looking forward to seeing the next little Craven the Lord places in your family!

    1. Thank you Kibbie! We covet your prayers.

  2. I will pray right now. I have friends that have adopted and I know the long road it is. May the Lord bless you in your journey and bring a precious child for you to love and be loved by. You wrote this beautifully by the way. ~

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. It brings comfort knowing other believers are praying for us. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Opened and closed doors are apart of every persons life but, adoption keeps them continually swinging! Praying for the Cravens :).