Thursday, January 5, 2012

You Know it's a New Year...

When you order the southwest chicken salad at your weekly Chik-fila homeschool playdate. 

When you've read more chapters in your child's classic novel to them in the last 5 days than all of the month of December.

When you actually stop by Goodwill to see if they happen to have a ball gown just to stick to your budget.

When breakfast, lunch and dinner are all followed by scripture reading.

When you feel like you might die because when you look at the time elapse on your Shred video and it only says 4mins 30 seconds.

When the sink has been empty of dirty dishes four nights in a row.

Let's face it, we all know what we need for a better 2012. A closer walk with the Lord, a more frugal budget to honor Him, more quality time with our kids to teach them, a tidier home to welcome more guests, healthier eating to show gratitude for a healthy body.

My goals are much like yours I'm sure. I've been really great at fulfilling them too! The only problem is it's only the 5th day of 2012 and I already begin to feel the steam slowly leaking out.

My prayer for 2012 is for consistency. Knowing that I cannot continue on my own very much longer, I look to an unchanging God. My Yahweh who doesn't need anything to exist. He doesn't require sleep to accomplish tasks daily and he doesn't struggle to be the same in June as he was in January.

Let's pray together that the goals of 2012 are met with not just hard work and striving but with a surrender to the consistent, unchanging Master of all. May the Lord be glorified by our lives in four months as He is today.

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  1. Jessica, the beginning of this made me laugh so hard! It is just so true for all of us! Such a great post and thank you for the reminder to abide in Him!

  2. You know it's all true Cali! I mean when have I ever passed up a Chick fila number 1? How are yall doing?

  3. Jessica, I loved this post. Your words are so true. It's wonderful to serve an unchanging God!

  4. I am so with you on this! My resolutions always fail if I'm trying in my own strength. My focus this year is in trying to yield to God and do things in His strength instead. God bless you this year as you strive for consistency!

    (found you via Finer Things. :)