Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Bargain of a Ball

I love the challenge to be frugal. It's almost like a game at times. When I found out my husband's unit was celebrating the end of their work in Iraq, I was thrilled to think of about preparing for a ball.

I set the budget at $50 for my entire look for the night. I knew it would be tough to meet, but I gave it a shot.

The dress....
After seeking out thrift stores first, I stumbled upon this beautiful royal blue dress at Ross. It was the perfect color for the aviation core and fit just right. Total for the dress...
$29.99! I actually spent less than that because I had a gift card from returning a pair of shoes that I had purchased for our little girl. The gift card was for $11.00 and some change leaving me out of pocket only $20 or so.

The jewelry......
Because of the neckline of the dress, I knew all I would need were earrings. Score big time for my budget! I found some large earrings at a costume jewelry store for $6.99. Instead of choosing the earrings with silver and blue, I opted for the neutral ones so I can wear them again.

The shoes....
I was bummed out to find that my go to ball shoes no longer fit right. Who's foot grows in their late 20's?! Anyways, I went to our local mall and scanned the clearance sections for formal shoes. You won't believe the deal I got! I happened to find the perfect pair for $19.99. Only, when I got to the counter, they were non- refundable, marked down shoes and half off the lowest price. That's right, I only paid $10 for these beauties!

Because my total was not even $40 at that point, I threw in a clearance bag to go with the shoes too! at $9 even, the bag was mine!

I did my own hair, just putting it in rollers. So there you have it, a ball for less than $50.

Saving money can be done and you don't have to look like the goodwill to do it. I found that having an open mind and being willing to try stores, dresses and sizes that you might not normally try might result in finding the one perfect item you were looking for. I also prayed that the Lord would help me honor Him with my finances and help me make my husband proud of the way I look at the same time. He truly answered!


  1. Great look! I'm always looking for great deals myself!

  2. You did great for $50...you look fantastic!