Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fair

It had rained all weekend and the evening was chilly. We were driving home from worship service last Sunday night and she spotted it. In the past we have been very proud of ourselves, thinking ahead, taking a different route to avoid the attraction. But in our laziness Sunday night, we drove right in it's path.....

The fair. Ugh.

It's so germy. It sorta grosses me out just thinking about it. Even without thinking about the filth, the cost alone is enough to get my stomach turning.

But, it was a holiday weekend after all. And these weekends don't come soon enough. We have almost a year's lost time with daddy seeing he was gone for most of her "5's".  It's hard to look at those pleading big brown eyes and say no.

We knew what we had to do. We pulled the van over and checked around our pockets for cash and gave the "parent nod" to one another.

Oh the squeals that came from the back seat. I guess we had forgotten just how exciting a little roadside fair could be to a six year old.

We spent the evening watching our little girl ride the carousel of stationary cars, take a train ride around the fair grounds and get her stomach taken on a small roller coaster. 

Her favorite part of the night? A ferris wheel ride with her daddy. It was a full blown date in her book.

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