Thursday, February 2, 2012

We're Moving....{again!}

Here's a few clues about our new location.....

It has an annual average rainfall of 39 inches per year- that's more than Seattle.

This city was named after Christopher Columbus.

It is a very international city where we can eat food from different cultures every night.

This city has a grocery service where for a small fee, you can have them delivered to your doorstep!

It has been voted the most walkable city.

So have you guessed yet?!

Yep, it's our nation's capital, Washington DC! 

We are so excited and blessed to be on yet another adventure. How cool will it be to picnic on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and be in DC during such a historic election? We hope to learn about many different cultures and experience once in a lifetime things. Of course, we are excited to serve those that the Lord has called for us to serve.

As you can imagine, this is what brought our adoption abruptly to a halt in December. We are trying to get answers about moving while adopting and are still submitting on various sibling groups. If God brings us to mind, would you mind praying for us?


  1. I was shooting for Columbus, GA at first......

  2. We can take a train ride to see you guys now!

  3. This is awesome!! That will be such a fun place to be, I would think! Thought of you this morning and will be praying for the whole family and the family members to be....

    1. Thank you Cali, we covet your prayers!

  4. How exciting! Thats kinda close to us...road trip!!! The Craven Family will be in my prayers.
    We love you guys!

  5. Wow, Jessica!! I think that DC would be an awesome place to live...there is just so much there to see and do!! I've been there once for work, but have always wanted to go back for a vacation to actually see everything.

    Your family is and has been in my prayers!!! Trust in Him and His plans for you!