Thursday, March 22, 2012


Our little girl is growing up.

Either her jeans have shrunk or she is a few inches taller than last year.

Her pleads for me to help her with brushing teeth and hair have been replaced with "I can do it"s.

Cartoons no longer interest her but rather "grown up shows with real people like Little House on the Prairie".

Style opinions are offered everyday now and my outfits either get thumbs up or thumbs down.

Her descriptive words have made us giggle with words like good and bad being replaced with impressive or dreadful.

As if these weren't enough clues to remind us that she is growing, she read the Bible story to me last night instead of me reading to her. What a delight all these changes have been but I cannot tell you how much it warms my momma heart to see her taking her walk with the Lord as her own. Not only is she growing on the outside but we can begin to see a little seed of faith growing on the inside too. As much as I want her to stay a little girl forever, I even more so want to see her become the godly little lady that her Creator has for her to be.


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