Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happenings around our home...

You might think that I"m still spring breaking. If you guess that you actually guessed wrong! I've been busy spring cleaning, freezer cooking and de-cluttering. Maybe instead of Spring cleaning, we should call it "nesting".

YES! That's right, our family is growing. Not by one or two, but by three through adoption! We are so thrilled that the Lord has seen fit to bless our family with three precious little ones.  That brings our total to an even two boys and two girls. Our new daughter is 4, and our two sons are 3 and 1.

The girl's bunk beds are set up and the boy's room is cleared out ready for a crib and toddler bed. Their foster family is actually sending them with a good supply of clothes and toys so we are just trying to get big picture necessities. 

In just 10 days they will be home for good. No longer will they wonder if they are being shifted from one home to the next. No more will they be seen as the state's responsibility. They will be sons and a daughter. They will bear our last name and live this life right along with us. Our house might change over the next few years, but their home will always be with us.

We are so excited. We will have our hands full but let me tell you, it's much better than empty!