Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Christmas Gifts of 2012

With four little ones, Christmas was a crazy time of gift giving and receiving in our house! Between sweet gifts mailed from aunts and uncles to Christmas morning itself, we added quite a few trinkets and toys to our shelves. To keep the clutter (and greed!) a little under control, my husband and I stuck to our 3 gift rule. Our first Christmas with a little one,  John was deployed, but through the magic of Skype, John and I sat down and decided that as much as we wanted to spoil our little princess, we needed to set a standard that we could maintain regardless the number of children God blessed us with. Three gifts mimicked the gifts given to the Christ-child so that was our number!

With limiting our gifts, I wanted to make sure that we purchased quality items that would last being handed down. It's hard to tell in the excitement of Christmas which toy was going to really spark their imagination longer than the first few minutes. We are very blessed that several toys this year made the best gifts list.

Legos/Duplos- Until this year, we never realized the extent of the Lego culture. Wowzers! You can find all kinds of accessory kits, little people, books, etc. to accompany your basic set. One of our girls received a basic regular Lego set while one of our little boys received a Duplo set. We have had castles built, a flag made and numerous animals created. We've also used them for preschool activities. Sorting colors, making patterns and following directions can all be taught with simple Legos.

Melissa and Doug Doorbell House- Who doesn't love Melissa and Doug products? Our littlest one opened this on Christmas morning but it has been well loved by all the children. We initially just purchased it because our little guy insists on ringing our doorbell each time we enter the house. We thought this might satisfy his need to hear the ring! hehe As it turns out, this has really helped with fine motor skills, number skills, and memory skills. Our oldest is now fascinated with keys and has deemed herself as the official "door unlocker".

Last But not least, We love our dress up clothes!- After a trip to Williamsburg, our kiddos have enjoyed playing pilgrim and Native American. We've encouraged them to act out some of the details that we learned during our visit to several settlements. Our oldest boy always ends up saving the day with his pop gun and coon skin hat each time they play.

Coonskin Cap - Adult

 What are some of your best gifts given or received from Christmas?

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